Marketing Literature for Wedding Photographers What Do You Need

When any new wedding photography business owner starts out there is sure to be a great deal of eagerness and this can cause some pointless purchases early on. One of those is stationary and marketing literature. It used to be the case that you needed glossy brochures, flyers, printed stationary, expensive business cards, portfolio carriers and big number of other leaflets such as price lists, booking forms, contracts etc.

If you were to stroll into your local printer they might gladly sell you all this. They might also charge you for planning trademarks, letterheads and leaflets. It is straightforward to spend thousands of pounds on this as you feel you have got to compete with the other big players in the market.

Fortunately , in the world of the global web, online marketing and with global access to cheap worldwide designers, a lot of this can be done from your own computer.

So there isn’t any necessity to go to the local print shop for anything. Buy high quality paper online and check all your printed material is produced on the same top quality paper. Confirm envelopes match the quality and style of the paper.

Cash saving tip: If you’ve got a home printer (you are a photographer, right?). Then invest in an alternative, continuous ink system. Instead of using the inks provided by the manufacturer you can attach a massive ink reservoir of just about identical ink. Do not buy the replacement cartridges “they really are cheap and poor quality “go for a pro replacement system. It may cost you a couple of hundred pounds, but it will save you thousands.

Producing logos, brochures flyers etc is straightforward. There and now numerous online sites where independent designers hang out “they make their living producing top of the range designs and they’re very inexpensive “you see their other work and how they’ve been ranked by their customers. Three great sites are:, and

Once you have your designs, you can do all your printing from home, just when you want it “not need to purchase thousands of pages of letter-headed paper ‘just in case’.

Now business cards: In England there is a great online business card company called (yes truly) “they produce surprising cards which are idea for photographers as you can have a different image on each card “highly recommended”.

Pixcellence are UK wedding photographers. They are experts in wedding photography London but also cover all the UK.

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