Unusual Colors Used In Painting Pets

Whenever she works at home, this graphic artist is haunted by a bunch of little faces. As she uses up most of the time at home for various kinds of work, she feels a lack of enthusiasm in what she is doing. Watching her every move are her eight pets, four dogs and four cats.

The faces encouraged her to pursue a different career path. She decided to paint the animals’ pictures on canvas while she was on her way to see her parents in Texas. She feels the personality of the animal she is painting, and uses a color for the portrait that matches the animal’s personality.

She paints with the goal of capturing the animal’s essence on canvas. Using different colors, I can capture both the animal’s looks and its personality. The painting of a mid size mixed breed which she found along with her husband on a camping trip became her first. It was a red dog, and it never left them.

It was the color green which she used for her jealous dog’s portrait. An artist before her had painted animals using nontraditional colors too. It was in 1984 that a cajun artist made a portrait of his deceased dog, painting him as a blue canine with red eyes.

The blue dog stands out in her paintings like a stamp on an envelope. But while many people think his blue dog paintings are whimsical, the artist sees her as a ghost, trapped and searching, something that always penetrates his life and in everything he sees. Each of the paintings, though quite humorous on the outside, actually have deep spiritual messages embedded in them. Staring at us, the dog asks the questions that we ourselves have been asking.

She determines to make her art reflect the spirit of the animal. She tries to mirror their actions using different patterns and vibrant hues. The animals she rescued were either from the streets or from shelters. One of the dogs she now takes care of would take off from a neighbor’s house and go to another person’s house.

To advertise herself as a pet portrait maker, she placed fliers in local veterinarian offices. She asks clients to send photos and describe the animal’s personality. She said she’d pick the colors once she understands the animal. The store owner explained that the portraits give customers more than what a normal portrait would give them.

Someone had used bright yellow for her portrait to capture the energy that flows within her. According to the owner of an art gallery in Memphis, when a person recognizes the subject in a portrait, they would be drawn to it. Looking at a portrait is different from actually appreciating its artistic elements.

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