SEO Tips – Setting Up WordPress Blogs

WordPress is one of the world’s leading and most widely used blogging software package. When it comes to Search Engine Optimisation it is one of the best platforms that you can use.

This is part of a series of tip articles just about using WordPress for maximizing on SEO.

Tip: Make sure the blog is on YOUR site

We are often asked

If you are using your blog to enhance your SEO then you HAVE to place your blog on your web site – it cannot exist on a different domain.

Do not even think about using a sub-web such as Why would you use a sub web anyhow unless if you want a cool blog URL.

Sub webs are part of your internet site but they are unclear from an SEO position. If you want to have the blog content 100% affiliated with your website then make sure it is off a sub folder and NOT a sub web for example :

Sub webs will not gain you the same SEO SEO ranking benefits across all search engines because many search engines process sub webs as a distinctly different website.

If your blog is presently hosted on or then you should think about to move it as soon as manageable if you want to enhance your SEO position.

If you have some existing rankings for keywords on Google and Yahoo then you do need to be warned – adding a lot of new content may affect your ranking negatively at first.

We have had clients who had great ranking have their ranking drop through the floor when we added a large blog. Adding a hit of new content ‘dilutes’ your current site content if the new content is NOT Search Engine Optimization optimized for the keywords that you want to rank for. Search Engine Optimize the content before making it live to avoid this dilution effect. Taking the time to do this BEFORE you add it to your site will make a big difference to your existing ranking position.

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