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Be prepared to ask several questions. Like, What’s your usual style? Posed, formal, creative, or candid? Do you shoot in color or black and white? Can we give you a shot list of who to shoot the most? Can we meet any people who will be taking other pictures of us with you? How long have you worked as a photographer? Do you have any other events will you also work at that day? What kind of photography equipment will you use, and how large an area is needed for it?

Whether you are planning a wedding or a family reunion, Las Vegas is the place to hold your function if you desire variety, atmosphere, and entertainment. To keepsake your event, it is imperative to carefully choose a photographer for just the right moments you will cherish. Las Vegas offers an overwhelming number of companies that provide this service, and each delivers its version of perfection. It is your task to hire the right one for your special needs.

A good photographer with experience should be able to contribute his/her ideas about the shots, making sure they are in the best interest of a good shot that will be part of all the memorabelia capturing this event. He/She might suggest a glamor shot just for the bride, bride and groom, bride/groom with mother/father, bride and bridesmaid, best man and groom, separate shots of each in the wedding party, and get good large group shots where everyone in the picture looks their very best. Reception shots should be candid and include each and every guest in a flattering way. Quickness and efficiency is important to catch just the moment in time when it happens.

Flexibility must be important, as posed portrait photography is different than candid shooting within a large group of people. Close ups, background, and group shots must be well planned; the more experienced your photographer in the type of pictures you want should be discussed beforehand. You don’t want surprises after you pay and sit for a session with a photographer.

They must be able to direct subjects of the photographs on how to look, stand, turn, etc. Upon arrival, he/she should know beforehand just what and how he/she wants to arrange the shots that are standard fare, and later have unique ideas about portrait shots or small group shots. Again, look at many samples of his/her work and be able to choose those shots you want facsimiles of for your event. Take time to choose well.

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