What You can do to save All Your Olympus Camera Lenses

The overall cost of your digital SLR – which consists of the multiple lenses in addition to your SLR body and external Olympus flash – quickly adds up to more than the cost of a used car, which makes it a costly piece of equipment.

After you become more professional, you will continue to grow your collection of excellent Olympus camera lenses. These lenses are used for different types of pictures – some can be micro and others can be macro. In time, your collection of camera lenses will surprisingly add up. Every camera lens can easily cost much more than your SLR frame, so imagine owning 5 Olympus camera lenses!

Most expensive things you purchase, you buy insurance for. For example your car, or your motorcycle, or anything of value. Of course, you can buy insurance for your SLR, but usually that isn’t necessary, since you can look after it ]with|by following|by adhering to] a few easy steps. The camera lens glass exterior is easily broken, and it’s a unbelievable shame for that to occur, since there are several extremely easy methods that can easily protect your lens.

Method 1: Buy a camera hood

I use a hood for each of my Olympus camera lenses, since they each require different sizes, and since each have various focal lengths. The hood does not directly guard the lens, because it doesn’t cover the glass. However, it acts as a decent barrier in the event you let go of the camera. The impact is lessened, which thankfully results in a smaller amount of damage to the lens frame. Also, it becomes way more difficult for hard items to scratch the camera lens.

Method 2: Use a lens filter

The final protection is having a lens filter on your camera lens. All of the filters can be positioned on the front of your Olympus camera lenses. The lens filters also have additional uses. For example, some lens filters prevent UV rays from striking the image sensor, some soften the lighting, and some simply add color. Irrespectively of the side benefits, always attach a filter to your camera lens! It stops anything from scratching your camera lens, which at the end of the day, saves you expenses.

If you want an all purpose lens filter, then you should get a UV lens filter. It doesn’t affect the coloring of your pictures, and is an object that you can keep on your camera lens all the time.

These lens filters are way cheaper than any of your camera lens. The super cheap ones aren’t great quality, and can affect your image slightly, but the good quality filters are not costly.

Method 3: Always Use your lens cover

Every lens has a lens cap. There are many people making the mistake of not using a cover.

Use it! All the time. The only moment your lens should not be covered with a filter is when you are taking pictures.

Remember, don’t be foolish. Keep your tool safe!

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