Wedding Photography : Is Traditional Or Modern The Best Option?

Everyone looks forward to their wedding day and wants to remember it well in the years to come. A great way of doing this is by getting a good wedding photographer. There are two types of wedding photography you can choose from – traditional or modern. Modern photography is all about catching the action as it happens, with little staging. Traditional photography is better for more formal photo shoots and often involves setting up the camera for each individual shot. They both have their merits though, so read on for more.

The key difference between traditional and modern wedding photography is the fact that the former tends to be staged and the latter is spontaneous. Traditional photography is great if there are specific shots you want to get – for example, of the bride and groom with their families. Alternatively, if you want to capture moments as they happen to make sure the emotion is genuine, modern is probably the way to go. Another benefit of modern photography is that it can capture action, not just people.

Any photographer you hire will work hard to make sure they capture the personal moments that make your wedding day so special. This, however, is where modern photography comes into its own. As technology has improved, cameras have got better and better, meaning it’s now possible to get action shots as well as posed photographs – especially great if you have any fidgety small children there on the day! This improved technology means photographers can catch photos on the spur of the moment so nothing will ever look forced.

Where traditional photography comes into its own is for those of you looking for a bit more support from your photographer. It can be daunting having your photo taken, particularly if you’re supposed to be acting naturally but are always aware of someone hovering over your every move. Traditional wedding photographers will arrange you shoot for you, make sure you are comfortable and take a whole variety of snaps, ensuring everyone in the wedding party is included. This is particularly great if you want a formal record of your day.

An area where traditional and modern wedding photography are equally good is sharpness and lighting. These are what make nice photos become works of art, so they’re really important. Modern photography offers you variation in sharpness and light as the photos will be taken in lots of locations and conditions. Traditional photography is great for arranging photos in an artistic manner as it can include specific conditions if you want a particular kind of portrait. Either way, you’re going to look great, so just relax and enjoy your day.

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