Trick To Get Things Going For Wedding Photographers

You may be a new wedding photographer. This may even be your first gig. You likely have one camera to use and you are not even sure it is the right one. How are you supposed to have two cameras for the day? It may seem like one of those wedding photography tips for someone who is a professional, but in fact it is a tip that everyone needs to take. Having a second camera will help you to avoid some negative situations and it may give you more depth. Even if you have to borrow from another photographer, it is a good idea to have the camera if it is at all possible.

Why A Second Camera Matters

There are many things that you can do to be a better wedding photographer, but you cannot predict every situation, nor have a backup plan for everything. Anything you can do to reduce the risks of actually losing the job or not being able to fulfill your duties is worth planning for. That includes having a second camera. Here is why.

- Use the second camera to help you to get a different look. A good idea is to use the second camera with a second lens. In fact, you should set up the camera with a different lens.

- Consider using the second camera with a wide angle lens. This really gives you a new perspective to work with that many couples will benefit from. The wide-angle lens is perfect for candid shots and for those shots in difficult locations.

- Set up the other camera with a longer lens. If it is possible, choose a camera that has a 200mm lens or similar. This will really give you some ideal shots. Lenses in the range of 70 to 200mm are often the best bet for weddings, when you are using two cameras.

Of course, having a second camera (and all the gear that goes with it) can be heavy. Still, it is worth having two options especially when there are so many situations that warrant the use of that second camera. For example, during the ceremony, you probably want to use a wide-angle lens for some shots and the longer lens for others. Having two options is well worth it. Do not go out and buy a second camera just yet. A wedding photography tip like this can really change the outcome of the shoot.

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