Travel Tips For New Digital Photographers

You don’t want to come home from your vacation only to find that the dozens of photos you snapped during your trip are marred by red eye, glare or a lack of imagination. Fortunately, there are several travel photography tips you can follow to make sure that you return from your trip with praiseworthy vacation photos.

Most vacations offer plenty of opportunities for stunning photos. Unfortunately, too many travelers settle for boring, by-the-numbers shots. The first tip to changing this is to follow the rule of thirds. To do this, make sure that you don’t place any of your friends, family members or fellow tourists directly in the center of your shots. By instead placing them off-center, you create a vastly more interesting photo.

Photographers should follow this rule when shooting landscapes, too. There aren’t any people to place off-center, but there is the horizon line to worry about. Make sure to place the horizon either closer to the top or the bottom of your photo. This prevents you from simply visually cutting your photo in two.

It’s also key to take your travel photos from several different angles. It’s easy to take a head-on shot. But the results can be boring. Try instead to shoot while on your knees or lying on your stomach. You might capture a unique image by using this technique.

It’s important, too, to be mindful of the position of the sun. Never have people line up for your photos so that they are staring straight into the sun. They’ll surely be squinting when you snap your shot. Don’t place your subjects directly in front of a light source, either. That will merely result in a silhouette when you snap your shot.

The best move is to place your subjects so that sunlight falls at their sides. This eliminates the problems of squinting or silhouette. It also creates plenty of interesting shadows.

Today’s digital cameras are technology-heavy. Take advantage of this, especially by using your camera’s scene mode. This setting automatically sets your camera’s settings depending on a number of factors, including the amount of direct light hitting your subjects and the width of the shot you are trying to take. By using the scene mode you’ll certainly end up with some fascinating shots.

By following these travel photography tips, you’ll bring home photos from your vacation that are worthy of framing. The best news is that these tips are simple enough for even the most amateur of photographers.

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