Traditional Photography: Essential Equipment

Traditional photography schools are becoming popular throughout the nation. They provide classes and programs that will give you the skills you need to be a professional photographer. They will include in these courses everything you need to know about using the right equipment in the right circumstances. Although technological advances have brought us all kinds of new digital photography cameras and equipment, most professional photographers prefer to stick with the standard types that still used film.

SLR cameras, single lens reflex use the method of a moving mirror to capture on film the exact image that is seen through the view finder. Many professional photographers prefer this type of camera because they are able to see exactly what will appear on the picture. With other cameras, often what you see through the view finder appears completely different on the actual picture.

SLR camera bodies and lenses are made to last a life time. When getting ready to buy your equipment, you will want something durable and lasting. Think of the overall camera and build from there, instead of just thinking of the body. Choose one with the exact functions that you will need. A SLR digital and SLR film camera can use the same interchangeable attachments and equipment.

One of the most common types of film used by the best professionals is the 35mm. First introduced by William Dickson and Thomas Edison in 1829, this type of film has not changed much over the years, and is still the best to use. Most professionals prefer the 35mm film over all other standard gauges. They believe they get the best results with this film.

Optical lenses very similar to those used in telescopes and microscopes are used in still life and video cameras. The lenses of cameras are made slightly different to fit the application they are being used for. SLR camera lens are interchangeable and can be used on digital or film SLR cameras. Depending on the kind of camera that is chosen, there is the option of using manual focus or zoom features.

There are several types of lens filters that are used by professional photographers. There are two types of polarized lenses. Circular polarized filters are used for auto focus SLR cameras. Linear polarized lens are used for video. A neutral density filter is used to change the image so that certain parts are clear and other parts are blurred or shadowed. UV filters are used to reduce haziness or cloudiness by filtering out ultra violet rays.

An external camera flash is best used in some situations. Although automatic flash is included in the new cameras, external will allow more lighting. Photography courses will teach you under which circumstances external camera flash is best used. If the photos you are taking are wider or deeper shots, like shots taken into the woods, or items further back, then external camera flash should be used.

Almost every professional photographer has a good tripod. A tripod is a piece of camera equipment that stands on three legs with a place to attach the camera on top. Tripods keep the camera steady so there won’t be any double images or blurs. The use of a tripod is important for different kinds of shots. For example, it gives you a clearer image when you are using the maximum zoom feature.

Be sure to attend the right photography classes provided by good photography schools.Programs are developed in each school to help you build your skills for whatever field you choose.

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