Tips for looking good in photos

Whether or not you are innately photogenic, the principles for looking good in photos are fairly straightforward. If you dread having your picture taken, or you’re just a perfectionist who wants to look flawless every time, then read on.

You won’t always know beforehand that someone is going to take your picture. However, if you do know in advance, make an effort to dress for the occasion. Striped clothing and clashing colours are generally best avoided in favour of a simple outfit in which you feel comfortable. Under studio lighting or in the glare of a camera flash, certain fabrics may become more revealing, so take that into account.

Take notice of your posture when you’re being photographed. If you’re hunched or slouched, this can make you look shorter, and accentuate your stomach. Standing tall and straight is usually the best policy, but twisting your body a little can also look good. Relaxing your shoulders will also help you to look more natural.

The most important element of any portrait-style photo is your face. Generally speaking, an authentic-looking smile is the best expression to go for. If you find it hard to pose for a photo without your smile looking forced, try remembering things that made you laugh, or thinking about something that makes you happy. Don’t forget that a true smile is all about the eyes – your eyes and eyebrows should be relaxed, and should say something to the person looking at the picture.

The backdrop for your photo and the lighting conditions will also make a huge difference. Always be sure to have at look at the environment you are in and work out the best angle for the shot, and try to avoid standing with light directly hitting your face, or light coming from behind you, which would be overexposed. Having a mirror to hand is always helpful, but in some cases there won’t be a mirror available. As long as you keep practising, you will soon become a lot happier about having your photo taken.

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