There’s No Substitute for a Professional Photographer

Life speeds by us so fast it’ll take your breath away. One moment you’re a young person just starting out on your own, then you find yourself with a family, and then you’re waving goodbye as the last offspring drives away to college, job or to begin a family of his or her own. It all takes place in the blink of an eye. If it doesn’t seem that way to you at the moment, it’s a good bet you’re young. Those with a few miles beneath the tires know; it all goes by too fast.

And when those years have passed us by, all that remains are the memories; those moments that give life meaning, the road signs that denote our speedy passage through this world. Sadly, memories fade. We forget-was the old Dodge grey or green? Did Aunt Edna wear stripes or polka-dots to my daughter’s wedding? Was my son really the toe-headed boy I remember him to have been? Was there ever a time when grandpa had all his hair?

It’s no wonder that, since the time when earliest man posted the events of his hard life on cave walls, we have endeavored to imprison the moments of our lives in pictures. When photography came along-believe it or not, as early as the 4th Century Greece-capturing those moments became far easier. As you’re likely aware, photography in its early days was a meticulous process, one involving intricate equipment, injurious chemicals and pricey components. All to produce a photograph far inferior to what the cheapest camera phone can turn out today.

In the times we now live, digital photography permits even a rank amateur to create acceptable pictures of commonplace family events; the church get-together, the birthday party, the visit to grandma’s house. But for more formal events, those whose very nature marks them as historical-at least in a family sense-professional studios such as Ulladulla Photography and Forever Memories Photography are still the way to go.

Wedding photography in particular cries out for the professional touch. Photos of a wedding should be as beautiful and lasting as the event itself; images captured forever, like a fly in time’s immutable amber. Studios such as Ulladulla Photography create portfolios of important family events that will be treasured for generations to come, images filled with the poignant moments that make up that most important of days.

Likewise, other images demand the expert approach. Portraiture, baby photos, sporting events and teams, corporate images, parties, formal events…all may benefit by being captured by a professional photographic studio. Most studios offer an online presence at which you may find examples, descriptions of services offered, and more.

If you enjoyed this article and would like to learn more about Ulladulla Photography and Forever Memories Photography, please visit us online!

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