The Versatile Floor Easel – the Perfect Sales Accessory

When people are brainstorming sales and promotional tools, they often overlook what is arguably the best sales tool of them all – the floor easel. Even though we see these stands everywhere, all the time, we often overlook their importance, simply because they are doing their job so well. We notice what is being displayed, but not what is supporting the display.

Take a walk down a city street and you are likely to see an outdoor floor easel being used to attract customers into a shop. It may be a sandwich board type stand displaying a cafe’s daily special or it may be a more decorative tripod easel advertising a sale on gourmet coffee beans, designer clothes or some other specialty item. While you may not consciously notice it, the style of the easel subconsciously influences your decision to go inside and see what’s on offer.

Enticed by the floor easel outside, you enter the premises. There you will see another one. This easel will possibly be directing your attention to a sale rack or promoting a new product line. No matter what it is there to promote, you notice what’s advertised or displayed on the floor easel before you take notice of any of the products on the shelves.

What makes the humble floor easel such an effective advertising tool? One of its unique features is its three dimensionality. A poster on a wall is on a two dimensional space at the outside perimeter of the establishment. A poster on an easel is right there in front of you, having been placed exactly where it will attract the most attention.

The portability of floor easels makes them perfect for businesses that need to take their advertising with them. Sales meetings, conventions and trade shows are just a few of the instances where these stands can easily and quickly turn a public place into a showcase for your presentation. Because they come in fold-able, collapsible and adjustable styles, they can be cared under the arm along with a briefcase.

The numbers of uses you can find for the floor easel are limited only by your imagination. A slender, elegant looking tripod easel standing at the entrance to a fine restaurant displays a menu for passersby to inspect. A floor easel in a bookstore displays the latest large format gift book, opened to an intriguing illustration. These are just a couple of uses among the thousands that easels can be put to.

Now that they have been brought to your attention, you will probably notice the ways in which they are used everywhere around you. Pay a little closer attention and notice how much you are subconsciously affected by the design and positioning of the easel. Then take a look at how ingeniously it is designed to be both sturdy when erected and so easily folded away and moved. Once you have examined them closely, you would have to agree that you, too, could find hundreds of ways to use a floor easel to promote your business or products.

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