Techniques To Get Unique and Cool Wedding Photographs

Most people have a wedding album that is full with great shots. If you put those albums together, though, you will likely see a number of similarities. From one to the next, you will find the same formal shots. Parents with the bride and groomthe wedding party lined upand the church altar scenes, are some of the most common in albums. There is no doubt that many couples want the photos they feel are the most formal and necessary to have. Yet, this should not stop you, as the wedding photographer, from getting creative with the shots you take. In fact, it may increase the photos your clients walk away with.

There are many ways for you to change up the look of the photos, to make the more interesting and unique. Consider the following tips:

- Dazzle your couple by taking a shot of them at the wedding alter from behind. Get the backs of the heads of the guests and the long aisle in front of them. This is an easy way to get an interesting shot during the ceremony.

- Change up the angles of the shots. Although many wedding photographers limit the number and type of lenses they use, do not make this mistake. Rather, invest the time in changing up the lenses, and do include a wide lens.

- Get down low. Instead of taking a shot of the couple from a normal level, get down low and take the shot. This creates a beautiful image, especially when you get the lighting right.

- Get up high. Get a ladder and take shows from up high. Imagine taking a wedding shot from the top of the balcony in the church, down onto the couple with the guests in view. It could be a stunning product.

- Make the couple laugh, catch them holding hands or just talking quietly. These are all shots that show real life feelings and provide the best look at the wedding day itself. They can be magical, in fact.

As a wedding photographer, you want to provide your clients with all of the formal shots they need, but you also will benefit from offering them unique shots that they may love. You can never be too creative, especially if you are using digital film with plenty of options to select from. Changing things up also helps you to flex your skills and show off your talent.

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