Spherical Panoramas: The Netherlands

Spherical panoramas display both interior and exterior places incredibly. I have traveled to a place or two in the world and have always enjoyed taking my camera along to produce spherical panoramas. This type of photography requires a mid to high-level quality camera to capture as much detail as possible.

Just recently my wife and I visited the Netherlands and traveled to places of all kinds, including Amsterdam, Rotterdam and The Hague, some of the major cities located in Holland. Since we visited these places during the day, lighting conditions were not the best at time to shoot a spherical panorama. However, architecture of all kinds made up for the quality of light at times.

To those unfamiliar with the Netherlands, the country is located on the west side of Europe and borders Germany to the east. Known for its windmills and “dodgy girls,” Holland’s landscape is stunning and very much worthy of all kinds of photography, including the shooting of a spherical panorama. Those that are into cycling will very much enjoy this territory, as steep elevations are nowhere to be found.

During our time in South Holland, one of a number of provinces in the Netherlands, we visited Delft. The city of Delft is known for a good few reasons, including the city’s technical university. The city center offers a very typical Dutch look in terms of architecture but also because of a network of canals. Different museums and cathedrals or churches are also found in the city center of Delft.

Delft is located in between to bigger cities: Rotterdam and The Hague. The Hague is home to the Dutch government and the International Court. Further north one will find the city of Leiden, which is also located in the Dutch province of South Holland, in Dutch “Zuid-Holland.” Interestingly, the city of Delft was home to famous painter Vermeer, who was buried inside the Old Church. I shot spherical panoramas throughout the city and look forward to publishing these soon.

We very much enjoyed our recent trip to the Netherlands and hope to enjoy a similar journey to some of the other countries in Europe, including France and Spain. One of my next cities to see and shoot is the city of Barcelona.

What always has fascinated me is the uniqueness in culture and such that these countries have to offer. Europe is a wonderful destination to those seeking adventures of all kinds, including the shooting of spherical panoramas and such.

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