Why You Shouldn’t Short Change Your Bridal Photography

I was chatting to a couple lately and they’re what I’d call “natural lovers.” They just know how to love naturally. They tease and laugh and joke and talk naturally like they can go on doing it without end. It had been inspiring. There was a real sanction on my part for their decision to tie the knot shortly.

But both of them come from humble backgrounds and both possess the youthful idealism to make it on their own. Beautiful. Even in the shoe string budget, I side with them that the bride deserves a decent bridal photography, because it is her ritual of passing from singleness to a union which will stand through time and eternally.

This came from them, actually. When a lot of people are leading them to reserve employing an established photographer for the wedding day itself and just give the bridal photography to associates and volunteers, they may not be persuaded. The stunning pair said, they might not have an elaborate party, but they positively would like to put money into the photos, including bridal photography.

I could not reprimand them. I’d have decided exactly the same way. Bridal photography is a tender demonstration of a life a maiden lays before the hands of her selected partner and companion. Elegance must be discovered not only from the outside but more significantly from the bride’s heart. Again, no fanfare, no costumes, no heavy make up is needed. In my approach to bridal photography, all I ever call for is mostly a bride who has in her heart the confidence, the knowledge, as well as the unchanging course towards marrying that one man.

So, a white picket fence, a few green grass on the foreground, a pink t-shirt, and the incessant and delicate breeze of cool morning air brushing against her cheek– those were all I desired for a heaven-inspired bridal photography in a shoe string.

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