Save Money On Wedding Day Photography

Weddings memories are often captured by photography and preserved for years to come. The wedding budget, however, can sometimes be overstretched by the costs of professional photography. Couples can try several approaches to reduce the costs of photography yet still have the pictures they want of that day.

Hiring a professional photographer is one obvious option for those planning a wedding. It is imperative though that when discussing various plans with photographers that the cost of the negatives are included in the estimate. Often a photographer will present plans which include prints of various sizes and with varieties of special photographic effects, such as tinting or shading. If the negatives are not included in the package, every time a copy of a picture is needed or wanted the couple has to order them through the photographer at a much higher rate than a standard copying fee. If years pass by and the photographer can’t be found, it does not mean that the couple can have the pictures reproduced by anyone else. The photographer holds ownership of the picture rights unless there is proof of another agreement. Most photo studios will not make copies of professional pictures unless there is a written release, and even this will not always be enough.

Professional photography studios are often willing to negotiate on prices so it is a good idea to request a discount package. It also sometimes helps to let the studio know that other studios have been contacted about this project and are working on adjusting some numbers. The friendly competition created can work to lower the cost of the wedding photography contract.

Wedding couples don’t have to compromise quality when trying to trim spending from the budget. The wedding day can be divided into smaller time frames, such as behind the scenes, family, the wedding party, the ceremony, and the reception. When each of these time frames are looked at individually the couple can find certain portions of the day where they truly want a professional photographer, and others where it is not a priority. Many professional photographers charge certain fees based on time involved so by reducing the number of hours required to be present during the overall day, costs can be reduced.

Often family members and friends are excellent amateur photographers and would be more than willing to be in charge of taking pictures at certain times. Maybe an aunt would be the perfect one to snap candid shots of the bridesmaids getting their hair done. With the advances in digital photography it is even easier because there are fewer chances for surprises and the photographer can check immediately to see if the shot was taken well.

Another way to have inexpensive pictures of the wedding day is to place disposable cameras at each reception table as part of the decorations and encourage guests to take pictures with them throughout the evening. The only costs involved are prices to purchase the cameras and the costs of developing the film. Some great pictures can be taken this way of small moments that the wedding party might not otherwise see.

Wedding photography can also involve creating social media and web pages where guests are encouraged to take their own pictures from the wedding day and upload them to share. Guests could even be made aware of this in the printed wedding program or at place-cards at each reception table. Creating a virtual wedding album can reduce photography costs and produce a collaborative project with fun results.

Couples can also look to local talented amateurs for photography services. They usually charge less and are often willing to provide the negatives or digital files as well. Art students from local colleges or photography hobbyists are good options and the wedding couple can work with them as if they were a professional agency. Many amateurs have portfolios as demonstrations of typical work.

Hiring a wedding photographer does not have to break the wedding budget. Money can be saved without sacrificing the wedding photo album by thinking creatively and pooling resources with family and friends.

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