Photography Storefront: Yours Is Open, Right?

Okay, put down that gorgeous new camera for one moment, turn off all the Chinese lamps, and maybe let your assistant spend an extra half hour out in the real world for a change of pace. Let’s discuss you being able to create a photography storefront…and the vast amount of new revenue sources that can and will mean to your business.

What we need to talk about right here is one of the smartest and most proven ways for you to take your passion for photography and wrap it into the completely integrated business solutions of and increase your exposure…and the possibility for far more revenue day after day.

In 1999, a company called burst upon the photography scene with one goal…that goal being to assist professional photographers in any and every way possible get more exposure in order to increase their revenue. Collages,net was founded on the belief that showing photographers how to become more profitable was paramount.

And to do that, Collages went out and assembled one of the best, and most passionate customer services teams imaginable…then they created products, software, and services that would become essential to photographers at every level.

The idea was simple yet powerful: give professionals a photography storefront and then arm them with best in class products. This creative new technology was warmly welcomed by professional photographers as it created several new revenue streams for all studios.

Head into a photography forum and poke around and you will quickly find out that pro photographers are now taking advantage of’s prints, albums, coffee table books, cards. Gallery wraps and other professional products and, yes, the ability to sell images online. Selling images online was revolutionary when it was launched, but to this day, STILL is revolutionary in terms of the power that it brings to professional photography studios.

Oh, remember the customer service team we spoke of earlier? Good luck finding a question they can’t answer. They speak with thousands of photographers each month and they can quickly point you in the right direction. You can expect live phone support at, but if you don’t get them live, leave a message and you can expect a call with that answer within two hours.

A single focus. Help photographers sell. That’s clarity!

If you are ready to create a photography storefront and to drive more revenue for your studio, you now know that you need to head to Collages.

You are now just one click away from your own very powerful photography storefront. was started to help photographers sell. And has been since 1999!

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