Photo Booth Rental Dallas, Texas

Ideas and inventions are so fascinating. They can manifest out of nothing, and be so perfect, that everybody wonders what took them so long. Take the can opener, for instance. How many decades did can openers work by cutting from the top? Then, almost overnight, a switch took place, and they cut from the side, so you can recap the lid, if you didn’t eat all the food in the can. Another example is the trend that is all the rage: photo booth rental Dallas & other towns.

Almost any possible party or event that you may be planning is going to be enhanced many times over with the presence of the photo booth including; anniversaries, Holiday parties, sweet 16s and quinceaneras, Bah Mitzvahs and Bar Mitzvahs, welcome home and going away parties, children’s birthdays and especially big kids, otherwise called, adults.

The potential exception is for bachelor parties as well as bachelorette parties. However, for weddings, it is a big yes. At first you might think of it as duplication of services, since you have a wedding photographer, but when you really stop to think about it, you realize that the the photographer and the photo booth, are two completely different kinds of experiences. The main thing is, the booth is fun beyond belief for your guests and wedding party.

Besides, in most cases the photographer does not get a shot of everyone in attendance. However, when you have a photo booth, all of your guests really get to feel special, and they will get to take photos home and leave some for the bride and groom. You can have a scrapbook right there.

Incidentally, these aren’t the same booths you were barely able to fit in with your junior high school girlfriend. These booths are custom jobs. They can fit up to ten or so people in some of them. They still have the privacy curtain and they have various backgrounds you can use, or templates for the pictures.

Photo booths are fantastic promotional tools because the photo can be printed on paper that has your company logo, name and website. Think about those corporate parties that have celebrity entertainers that will stay around for anyone who wants photos. You could not ask for a more efficient set up.

Generally, photo booths are rented by the hour, but with a minimum of three or four hours, and all the photos are part of the deal. Some vendors give you the option where they bring a big box of props for everyone to use. Depending on the company, you might even be able to get a guy or gal who dresses up in character and poses for photos with all your guests. You will have a technician on duty, standing by if you need her. There is no way to go wrong when you get a photo booth rental Dallas at your next event.

photo booth rental Dallas

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