Nikon S9100 for your Moonlight Beautiful Portraits

With sack friendly and portable body, the cams can take highly telephoto capture and wide view with ultra high zoom. It has the 18x inspiring Nikkor wide angle lens with the span of 25 to 450mm in a lighter and slim type. There’s a highly precise illuminated CMOS pic sensor at the reverse of Nikon S9100 lenses, which means that although in short light both day and night, it’s remain can take pictures perfect.

The full high definition video, sophisticated and slim, night time same day time capturing and the inspired freedom reacted the demands of digital Nikon Coolpix with super solid performance in a portable body.

When shooting large group of portraits and sweeping view, the 18x Nikkor long angle zoom lens of Nikon S9100 deliver sharp firmness and outstanding meaurement. This perfect partner for travelling has 450mm main length that can include even distant objects.

Stereo sound supports the full 1080p HD movie recording to complete the Nikon S9100. The 180 and 360 degrees photos can be viewed with Panorama Feature in it, supported with camera’s CMOS sensor where you can pan horizontally and vertically to create beautiful panorama. To eliminate blurring and improving sensitivity, Nikon S9100 has 12.1 megapixel CMOS image sensor at the back of the lenses and deliver the amount of light to each pixel for superb performance result.

Nikon S9100 produces indoor portraits and night scenes as real as they seem while in night portrait mode controlling system from the mode dial. With or without flash, it works by shooting continuously while expose the background and portrait subject separately. Without compromise, the continuous images that has taken by Nikon S9100 immediately tied together to create amazing night portraits that capture your background and subject with authentically. Nikon S9100 comes in three different colors which are black, dark silver and red.

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