Nikon D3100 14.2MP Digital SLR Camera with 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 AF-S DX VR Nikkor Zoom Lens: A Review Involving The Product

Your common point and shoot digital camera won’t always meet all of your current photography needs. A good SLR camera could be the best solution. These types of digital cameras are generally similar to the manual ones used by professional photographers for many years. Some find it challenging to select the best SLR digital camera. And so, let’s look at the particular Nikon D3100 and its particular lens. During the time of writing this article this specific camera is the highest selling SLR camera on

Although it is a 14.2 mega pixel camera and it also comes with a stabilization lens, that’s not its best characteristic. Its video capturing option is one of the greatest things pertaining to this camera. The included “full 1080p HD Cinematic Video” aspect provides automatic focus along with the ability for you to record sound. As outlined by people who have videography knowledge, you obtain a much clearer image with a still camera than you do using your normal video camera. Because of this, this particular camera is ideal for both videography and still shooting. So it is no surprise that this camera is a bestseller.

A great feature of this SLR camera would be its ability to auto focus shoot within a split second. This makes it a fantastic camera for events regarding sports activities or a lot of movement. Many digital cameras will assure sharp shooting at sporting events (or events with lots of frenetic activity) but not deliver. The advanced shutter speed within this camera, however, makes perfect shots a possibility when the camera is used along with the right hands. Make sure you remember that shooting a great deal of sports events quickly uses up multiple memory cards.

The largest drawback to this camera is that it does not have any internal memory beyond that which it needs to store the software with regard to image shooting. This means that your storage device can be an extra purchase and the memory cards you will need for this camera (the kind with considerable amounts of memory) usually are not cheap. Unfortunately, these cards can cost a substantial amount of money. This is an added expense that you’ll need to add to the rather high price of the camera alone. So if you’re looking for something affordable for the budget conscious photographer, this is probably not the camera for you.

The reviews for this product are extremely positive. The majority of the hundreds of reviewers who have submitted reviews have given five star ratings, indicating that this is an excellent camera. Most everyone loves the camera for the reason that, even though they are newbie’s, the camera makes them feel professional. This camera could wind up being a significant purchase after you understand that you will need to acquire spare batteries and additional memory cards as well as any special lenses you might need. At the same time, this is a major purchase that will last for an extremely long time so maybe the expense will be worth it for your family.

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