Nice Spot Essential In Perfect Wedding Photography

As a wedding photographer, it is your job to get the shot, all of the shots, which your couple wants to have to remember their wedding day. Although most professional photographers probably realize the importance of actually knowing the location they are traveling to, if you are going someplace new or you are a new wedding photographer, this tip is very important. Go to the location on your own, a few days before the wedding, to scope out the location. This provides you with some help in the planning and can help you to look more like the professional wedding photographer.

What To Look For

When you arrive on location, there are several things to think about. It does not matter of the location is indoors or out, there are several things to remember.

- What type of surface is it? Will dresses get dirty and shoes ruined? If it is likely to rain for an outdoor shot, find a way to prevent these disasters, or have your guests prepare for them in some way ahead of time.

- Look at the size of the area where you will be taking the shots. Is it large enough for group shots or will these be couple shots? Notice any hills or uneven areas, as this will affect your group shots.

- Do focus on the location’s lighting. Lighting is important for every shot you take. It is especially important for the indoor shots. You can determine what type of lighting you will need to add to the space, and determine what types of changes you should make to your positions of the photos to ensure that the lighting is right.

- Consider any limitations on the space. For example, if the location is restricted for use, will your wedding party get into the location without a problem, especially on the weekend? Find out if there are any other considerations for the location.

- Consider taking a few test shots with the couples in areas where there may be difficulty. These can be great engagement shots or a “free” offer you provide. It can help you to pinpoint any problems ahead of time.

Taking the time to visit the locations of each of the wedding photographs ahead of time will make a difference in the final shot. It may take a few minutes out of your day, but is well worth the investment of your time when the shots come out fantastic.

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