Marriage and Engagement Photo Ideas

When it comes to having a wedding or engagement portrait photos taken, it is typically vital to couples to have their personality show thru as much as feasible. One of the best tactics to do that is by employing props.

There are a rising number of photographers inspiring brides to use any many fun props as feasible to improve their wedding photography. It can truly add something special to a wedding album to have a mix of traditional photographs, candid shots and wacky portraits featuring props. Nevertheless often being asked to bring a prop can strike fear into the brides heart. They worry about what makes a good prop and what’s taking things a step to far. The nicest thing to do in that situation is to supply a list of ideas and inspire her to bring several options to extend the chance of some of them being acceptable.

Any item that has particular personal value can make a wonderful prop, particularly if the item belongs to a friend or family member who can’t be with the couple on the day. Props relating to shared past-times, likes, dislikes and individual characters can also make fantastic props. Something that seems wholly out of place at the wedding can also make a extremely dramatic image.

It can also be a great idea to incorporate props which reflect the them and kind of the wedding day. One of the hottest trends today is a vintage theme. The vintage theme really adapts well to choosing appropriate props. Some suggested items to consider include: masquerade masks, antique furniture, old bikes, antique mirrors, fans and parasols.

One idea that’s also growing in popularity at weddings as a type of entertainment is to line up a ‘photo booth’. This can simply be done by providing a second paparazzo equipped with a background and a selection of fun and flaky props “think hats, feather boas, toy guns or rugs. This is a great way to entertain guests while the couple are having their formal photos shot.

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