Making Sure The Battery Of Your Digital Camera Lasts Longer

Digital cameras are so loaded with features that it can be challenging to keep your batteries alive. This could well be your biggest expense, but there are some things you can do to increase the length of time your batteries stay charged. Let’s start with the three biggest sources of power drain.

The number one cause of power drain is the LCD screen. You won’t need to use this feature all of the time, so why not turn it off when not in use? To save power, you’ll want to use the camera viewfinder.

The flash is also a major source of power drain. Natural lighting would be your alternative as you won’t always need the flash feature. This will help save your battery for times when you absolutely need the flash.

Finally, the third major battery drain source would be the zoom feature. Obviously, it would be more wasteful to keep zooming in and out rather than leaving the zoom steady where it is. Once you find a setting that suits your needs, use it as often as you can to minimize use of zoom.

Here are other quick tips to help you make your battery last longer:

If you are not using your camera, turn it off, and always ensure Power Saving mode is on when you are using it.

During the winter months, you’ll want to provide warmth for both your camera and the batteries when not in use. The cold drains batteries very quickly.

Store batteries in a cool, dry location away from sunlight and other heat sources.

When you’re not doing anything, resist the temptation to needlessly play back your images. For that matter, you may not want to rerun taken pictures on your camera – if you want to review them, then do so on your home PC after downloading the images from your camera, and be sure to decide quickly whether an image must be stored or deleted on the camera.

Take advantage of the AC adapter. Most digital cameras have an adapter that allows you to plug directly into a power point. If you don’t plan on moving around a lot and are near an outlet, the AC adapter will increase the life of your batteries.

The need to buy batteries or recharge them is inevitable, but with the tips above you wouldn’t need to worry about doing so as often as you normally do.

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