Learn Adobe Photoshop CS5 – Shaping Text In Photoshop

One of the great advantages of using Photoshop CS5 is its tremendous versatility. In addition to applying great effects to images, you can also use Photoshop to manipulate text.

Photoshop’s Warp Text tool allows you to wrap or bend text around an object in your image to make attention-grabbing, personalized banners or headlines. You can also warp text in both horizontal and/or vertical directions to give your text an individual look and feel. Photoshop has many means by which to manipulate text, but this will provide a starting point that will especially come in handy if you have not had the chance to use these text features before.

First, open an image to which you want to add text. Choose the horizontal text tool from the toolbar and click the image near to where you want to position your text. Type in the text you would like to add. You can also add the more traditional style enhancements such as bold, italics or underline to your text while in text mode.

After you have completed your text, select and right-click the text to open the contextual menu. Open the Warp Text dialogue box by selecting Warp Text. This box will contain a list of pre-defined text warps to choose from using the Style pull-down menu. Simply select the warp that best fits the look you want to reach. Try out some of the different warp effects to see what they look like if you are not quite sure which one might work best for you.

Beneath the Style pull-down, you’ll find several sliders that will enable you to fine-tune the warp effects. You can adjust the text bend, and the horizontal and vertical distortion. If you don’t want to use the sliders, you can also enter a percentage value for these three properties. When you have achieved the proper effect, click OK. The Warp Text effect will be applied to your image

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