Interesting Panoramic Photography of Locations in Europe

France is an absolute favorite of mine when it comes to picking destinations for the purpose of shooting spherical panoramas and such. A spherical panorama is captured using different parts of equipment, including a good fish-eye lens and a solid tripod.

This magnificent country or republic is located in the western part of Europe and borders the Atlantic Ocean, the Channel and the Mediterranean. To the north Belgium is located, to the south Spain and Andorra, to the east the country of Italy and Switzerland, and to the northeast the nations of Luxembourg and Germany.

France has been a good part of my life, or better said: history. My mother was born and raised in cities across this nation. One of my favorite regions in France is the area that borders the Mediterranean Sea, which includes the cities of Nice and Marseille. Also, Monaco (individual state) truly is one of kind place to go see and shoot in terms of spherical panoramas.

France counts a big number of inhabitants, of which most live in the bigger French cities including Paris, Lyon, Nice, Toulouse, Brest and other such places. The country’s capital is Paris, which is one of the most populous cities in France and Europe. Those of you traveling or flying to and from Paris will likely pass through Charles-de-Gaulle international airport, which is located about 35 minutes (by car) north of Paris.

This particular republic has been an innovative front-runner in many things, including the creating of a so-called “Ministry of Environment,” which occurred back in the early seventies. Even though France has produced an incredible amount of industry, it is only ranked 17th in terms of CO2 emissions! Reason for such a result is the country’s investment into nuclear power type solutions.

France is a wonderful destination for tourists of all kinds, including those like me that explore territories for the purpose of photography, including the capturing of spherical panoramas. Those that travel to France can gain quick access to other parts of Europe via an incredible network of public transportation.

Panoramic photography through spherical panoramas is a great way to display French spaces of all kinds, including interiors. My next visit will include interiors of all kinds, including cathedrals and museums. Consider learning a French word or two and locals will likely be more willing to offer a helping hand.

The latest in spherical panoramas of locations around the world, including the French Republic, is presented at

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