How To Retouch And Correct Your Images By Using Photoshop Elements

Every photographer knows that digital cameras can take some incredible pictures; unfortunately this doesn’t always happen with EVERY photo. Fortunately Photoshop Elements has all the tools necessary to make the ordinary photo extraordinary.

Okay, let’s get started and let’s get to grips with most of the everyday tools you’ll be using within your Adobe Photoshop Elements software.

Leveling Your Image By Cropping; Even professional photographers don’t get all their photos correct the first time. In fact I would say that over 95% of the use of Photoshop or Elements is to correct their images, so you’re not alone with this. Once you have your photos in a folder you’ll notice that some of your photos might have looked better if you’d have shot it differently. Either it might have been better zooming in more, or you need to crop your photo, or even rotating your photo.

Standard digital cameras have a ratio of 4:3 (4 units wide by 3 units high) which means the typical print size is 6×4, which is a ratio of 3:2 (3 units wide by 2 units high). To increase or decrease this you can use the aspect ratio dialog box.

If there are items in your photo which distract from your subject you may want to crop your image or photo to eliminate the distraction. Simply open the aspect ratio dialog box by clicking on image then crop. At the top of the dialog box you should see a width and a height box and you can work these in inches or centimeters. To select inches just type in “in” and for centimeters just type in “cm”.

Because Photoshop Elements automatically re-samples your image when you open it I usually never enter anything in the resolution box.

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