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Known as background artists, movie extras play roles that do not require a lot of speaking but have to blend in with the rest of the other actors. Unlike actors or actresses, movie extras do not need any experience in acting. They can come from different backgrounds, different training, ethnicity and even of different age brackets. The only things extras need to do are to take direction as well as be reliable and arrive to the set on time.

Like actors, movie extras also have agencies. There are times when the director will require a specific look, sometimes depending on the location where the shoot will be taking place. With this kind of requirement, several skills are needed, like dancing. If you’re pursuing an acting career, often you’ll find yourself, at the beginning of your career, working as an extra. It’s a necessary step, oftentimes. If you have a good relationship with an honest agency, they’ll tell you that this is often how you prove yourself.

There are times when the production budget is tight and extras will need to bring their own wardrobe. There are also those called professional extras. When it comes to casting, they will bring their own wardrobe in order to catch the casting director’s attention.

Movie extras are hired sometimes for different time periods. Some will be needed for a day of filming while there are others who are needed throughout the shoot. In the United States, movie extras are not required to be members of the Screen Actors Guild (or SAG). It is important to note that only members of the SAG are those with speaking roles in films.

On the other hand, extras are also protected and are given the same working conditions as the professional actors. However, for extras who are members of the SAG, they receive union scale payments with an extra compensation for overtime work, special assignments, and costumes. Movie extras who are not members, however, are hired only when a specific number of SEC extras have been hired and the production needs more. Generally speaking, extras who do not have a union are paid less than those who are members of a union.

Even without being a member of the SAG, movie extras are still protected and are also provided with the same working conditions as other actors, professional or not. However, for extras who are members of the SAG, they are given better and more benefits such as higher pay and extra compensation, wardrobe as well as special assignments.

Being a movie extra does not mean that the climb up to stardom is guaranteed. Movie extras occasionally get discovered cause anything can happen. Casting directors can recognize you from the last movie and give you a shot. It happens all the time.

The benefit, however, is that being a movie extra gives you the chance to take a peep into Hollywood life and what an acting career really is. By being an extra, you are given real insight into what it takes to make a movie. This is the reality movie extras face from time to time, and it’s a sobering reality. It can be a lot of work to get to that point, but it’s often a necessary step in the aspiring actor’s career.

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