How Do You Define HDR Images?

HDR\High Dynamic Rangeimages? For many, this may be a new term to their vocabulary. We’ll give you a hint. It’s the reason images these days are more realistic and detailed. But before we get too far, let’s first learn the basics so we can see why HDR photography is so awesome.

Let’s get started. HDR is short for High Dynamic Range. What this translates to is that you get more contrast from the all parts of an photo. By getting more definition in all parts of your image, you get more detail and contrast from the foreground all the way to the background. All while still maintaining focus. The finished product is an image that the eye truly sees. And now by getting definition in all parts of your photo through different exposures, you can take pictures in the bright sun as well the darkest alleys.

Also, tone mapping can be applied to improve artistic effect in images. Tone mapping taps into how the human eye and visual cortex interpret a scene. Tone mapping’s end goal is to represent the whole dynamic range while retaining realistic color and contrast.

Because that’s what photography is all about, right? Photography is simply an art form to express an emotion. HDR photography allows for a new and creative way to express yourself.

On a deeper level, HDR images are accomplished by getting multiple exposures of the same photograph. Most often with DSLR’s, you can use bracketing to achieve different exposures of the same image. Then one can merge the images with software. Most often, people use programs like Photoshop or Photomatix to process photos. However, there are many programs on the market that accomplish basically the same thing. There are also many tutorials on how to use these programs.

Any camera can produce HDR photos. If you don’t have a DSLR, you must do it manually. This can only be done if you have a tripod because the photos need to be still. Then, simply produce three images of that scene. One under-exposed, one over-exposed, and one at normal settings. When you merge these three photos together, you produce an image that has unrivaled realism.

Once blended, there will need to be corrections made to the end product, but that’s the general idea about HDR photography.

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