Easel Stands for Every Budget and Need

Whatever you need, be it an easel stand for whiteboard presentations or a decorative model for showing off your finest antique china, there will be one that will suit your needs to a “tee.” Some styles are purpose-built and very cheap in price, but not in quality. Others are handcrafted or meticulously machined to serve a multitude of purposes.

Take for example the highly functional easel stand for use in the school or as a presentation aid. The most basic designs hold a whiteboard in a steady, upright position, giving the person giving the presentation or class an ideal illustrative tool. The humble whiteboard, in spite of all the technological gadgets available for making presentations, is still among the best public speaking aids you can get.

A more elaborate floor easel may be flippable vertically or rotatable horizontally. This kind of easel stand is ideal when a presentation requires one to refer back to previous information or to use one side of the board to display a promotional poster and the other to aid him in his presentation.

While in some situations, such as in school classrooms, a semi-permanent easel stand on wheels will suffice. It can simply been rolled out or the way when it isn’t needed. At other times, a more portable stand is a more appropriate choice. Salesmen on the go, for instance, need a more easily transportable display stand. There are dozens of designs that can fulfill their requirements perfectly, whatever they may be.

The salesperson who must always be doing his presentations in different locations needs something that can be neatly folded away and transported. For his needs, a tripod easel or a bi-fold easel is perfect. Many of these can simply be collapsed. Their legs may be telescopic, like a camera tripod, or folding. Made from lightweight materials such as aluminum, they are smart looking, inexpensive and very useful.

Variety and functionality are not limited to floor easels, either. There are any number of tabletop designs to choose from that are equally useful. Many of these, such as the lectern stand, are designed for specific purposes. Others are general purpose stands. They might be used to hold a whiteboard or a flow chart diagram for a business presentation. These slip easily into a briefcase, so can be available for use anywhere on a moment’s notice.

Just as useful, but even more stylishly designed are the hundreds of styles of decorative easel stands. Whether they are used in the traditional manner to display artworks or in more innovative ways, such as the tripod wine rack, there is a decorative easel for anything.

When you combine usefulness with design, you have the perfect easel stand. This is easily achieved, since their are hundreds available, at all prices and of all descriptions.

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