Digitizing Photos The Right Way

For people who have long been worried about maintaining those important personal photographs, there are a variety of methods for digitizing photos that can help to ensure that they are safe. Unlike paper photographs and negatives, images in digital form can last forever.

Some might be surprised by this claim, since it is obvious that digital devices do wear out with time and usage. The key is to know how to create and backup image files properly, and to have a strategy for redundancy that ensures that there will always be at least one surviving digital copy of each of these images.

A quality scan

Most people begin by scanning their old photographs into their computers. This can either be done with a home scanner performed by a professional copy service for a fee. For those who choose to do it themselves, it is important to remember that the better scanners will produce the best archival images.

The quality may not matter for archiving purposes, but it will be critical if the image needs to be printed later. While smaller images may take up less room on the storage device, they seldom offer the high level of printing quality that larger files afford.

Storing the images

All of these images need to then be placed onto an external hard drive that is devoted to this one purpose. Do not use compact discs, DVDs, or other storage media that may get broken, scratched, or otherwise abused. The best results require a permanent, dedicated solution.

It is also a good idea to purchase online storage as well, as a backup to the drive. Hang onto the original prints too and file them somewhere safe. When this method for digitizing photos is used properly, all of those invaluable photographs can be preserved for all time.

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