Different Types of Models

Like every other business, modeling also has every type to suit a certain need. You have different models that can be used to fill any need. From advertising a product line to making a car look good in an auto show. These models are there to enhance the product.

You need not be wafer thin in order to be a model. There are models of all body shapes and sizes in the modeling industry. But not all people can become models. This industry requires that you possess a certain degree of confidence and style in order for you to make it. A good talent agency will advise you on what kind of work is out there for you.

The position that is the most coveted is being a model for high fashion. It is considered by models as one of the most glamorous positions. This normally involves photo shoots for magazines and collections displaying the very latest in fashion. This position involves a lot of exposure and is the most prized position of them all. The models are usually tall and thin in size. The models of high fashion possess strong features which are distinctive that sets them a cut above the rest.

Commercial and print models are those that promote a certain product. They are usually displayed on billboards, magazines, newspapers and on buses. These models are hired to appear on catalogues in order to sell everyday products to people. This type of modeling provides regular work and generous pay.

Being a runway model is also one of the best ways to gain exposure. It is a type of live modeling that is considered as glamorous. However, there is a minimum height requirement in order to be a runway model which is a height of 59. The models must be comfortable in the dress and must make any outfit look great no matter how dull it is.

Having great hair, nice hands, shapely legs and well-shaped feet are required in order to become a specialty model. These models showcase products like shampoo, hand lotion, jewelry, cosmetics and nail polish. These models must be able to showcase these products using their best assets. They are usually seen in product commercials on TV.

Models that are seen modeling cars, cosmetics, appliances or new products are called trade show or convention models. They always appear on trade shows and conventions. They possess a certain way of modeling products with their winning smile and pleasing personality. Landing great commercial contracts in selling products are usually the perks of this job.

Supermodels are those that are highly sought after by the fashion industry. In using supermodels, the clothes of designers become popular to those who follow fashion. Among all other models, these models are the highest paid. They usually live in New York and do multiple shows per day during fashion week. Some of the most famous supermodels are Janice Dickinson, Tyra Banks, Claudia Schiffer, Naomi Campbell, Elle MacPherson and Cindy Crawford. These models have paved the way for other models to pursue their path in becoming the top models in the fashion industry.

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