Art Of Japanese Tattoo Designs

Japanese tattoo designs have been used for many years in Japan and where first made use of by people known as the Ainu who lived somewhere around 5000BC. The art of tattooing was especially well-liked in the Edo period when firemen, prostitutes and laborers used them. The designs of the Japanese came from old wood-cuts and landscape and watercolor art.

This amazing version of Japanese history and culture in tattoo’s is detailed and precise and can be pricey. The word horimono (meaning “carving”) refers to traditional tattoo design, it can also be referred to as irezumi (meaning “insert ink”) and was only legalized by government in the mid 20th century.

Artists use brightly coloured designs of images which reflect Japanese culture and belief. The symbols include certain animals for example the koi or carp who represent perseverance, ancient drawings of dragons, symbolic flowers and demons. The tattoos are normally large and clear with intense colour and are mainly used on the arm, shoulder or back where the tattoo may be hidden by clothing and is normally not visible.

A practice of punishment was to use tattoos on criminals and was known as bokukei or else bokkei which came to an end in the year 1870 by the Japanese Emperor’s new Meiji government and unfortunately this left behind a bad connotation for many Japanese people as it may also be linked to the yakuza or Japanese mafia. In modern times Japanese designs are believed to be fashionable.

There are different dragon sketches to pick from which represent the wood element and male forces, these are listed as west and Asian dragons as the western culture has had an influence on designs. Westerners like the idea of samurai’s or warriors and enjoy the exotic Asian culture and history.

Kanji is very popular form of calligraphy which refers to characters that translate into various things such as love, life or the name of somebody such as “Joy”. The Phoenix is a popular design of a bird that symbolizes justice and fidelity she represents the element of fire and female forces. Clouds, waves and water are often in the background.

The designs reflect the love and respect for nature and life that is rich in Japanese culture. Tattoo events and expo’s are frequently held in Japan today so the public is able to enjoy and use the exotic Japanese tattoo designs which are full of richness and fantasy.

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