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There are certain areas that for years have been popular retirement spots: Arizona, California and Florida, but a new area is becoming sought after. The beautiful coast of Oregon is drawing in retirees with a different climate in mind. Here are some of the advantages to living on the Oregon Coast.

From the grand Pacific Ocean to the seemingly endless amount of lakes, rivers, creeks and ponds, there is no shortage of water on the Oregon Coast and certainly no shortage of water based activities. There is so much to do, such as water skiing, boating, sailing, even whale watching! You will have no trouble finding ways to pass the time.

Don’t forget the dunes, a large portion of the Oregon Coast is covered by the beautiful Oregon Dunes Recreational Area. Forty miles wide, this sandy playground is perfect for having fun with dirt bikes or ATVs or just gathering to watch others test their skills.

The air here is clean and fresh because of the winds and cleansing storms blowing in off of the Pacific Ocean. You won’t find better air or water quality anywhere, and of course that leads to feeling better overall.

Like to shop? Oregon is great for shoppers. There is no sales tax here. No more worrying about how much tax will increase the price of your purchase, the price marked is the price you pay. For retirees on a fixed budget, this is just one more convenience that Oregon offers.

You will never run out of things to do on the Oregon Coast. You can day trip to beaches, sand dunes, forests, and parks here in Coastal Oregon so there is never any shortage of activities for you or for your visiting family members to enjoy. A photographer could truly be in heaven with the scenery presented by the Oregon Coast. Whatever your passion– fishing, whale watching, camping, kite flying, boating, bird watching, hiking, scuba diving, biking, canoeing, beach combing, shell collecting, horseback riding, or any other outdoor activity– you are sure to find it on the Oregon Coast.

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